Posted by: Manuel Delgado | July 1, 2008

Edible culture

When brewing coffee, the coffee beans change the water, but the water also changes the beans.

When moving to the US, Hispanics “acculturate” – which means becoming “American.” But the US also changes as a result of the influx of new ideas, culture and ways of being.
One of the most interesting areas of crosspollination is food. Immigrant influences in our tables are not new: what can be more American than pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers?
Of course, pizzas came straight from Italy (significantly improved by Italian immigrants in New York, I may add), wieners came from Austria (sausages from Vienna are called wienerwursts) and burgers started when a creative guy in Wisconsin started serving flattened Italian meatballs between slices of bread.
These days Latin cuisine is finding its way to non-Latin tables. Chips-and-salsa have been a staple of snacking for a couple of decades. Tortillas, tacos and enchiladas are far from being exotic fare. And 75% of all tequila exports from Mexico come to the US.

It’s also exciting to see new foods coming out of the Latin influence.

While things like the Home Style Fried Guacamole may be a bit scary, others like Wasabi Tuna Tacos, Caribbean Lasagna with Sweet Plantains and the amazing Banana And Mango Spring Roll With Coconut-chocolate Ganache make me feel truly blessed of living and eating in America.


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