Posted by: Manuel Delgado | July 8, 2008

Working Class

It blows my mind that even these days there are people that blame “illegal immigrants” for all of the woes of this country.

I came across two great articles that articulate very well the intrinsic contradictions of anti-immigrant arguments.

The first one, a great editorial from the “Manteca Bulletin”:

To those who use the terms ‘Hispanic’ & illegal immigrants as if they are one
Get outraged all you want about illegal immigrants, but just keep in mind it is their backs that are keeping food costs down for the rest of us.
[Read entire article]

(Note: Even though the name of the publication may turn off some native Spanish speakers – manteca means “lard” – The “Manteca Bulletin” is a 100-year old newspaper published in Manteca, California, a town of 60 thousand just east of San Francisco.)

The second article, of all places, was on the MSN Money website:

What if we threw out all the illegal immigrants?
Overnight, some industries would become desperate for workers. The biggest beneficiaries would be low-skilled American workers. The big losers might surprise you.
[Read entire article]

The bottom line: immigrants, legal or not, are a fundamental part of America’s fabric. They’re part of our economy, our culture and add to our values. People complaining about immigration are just like birds complaining about air:

“I hate air… we would be able to fly so much faster without it…”

Immigrants keep prices low, allowing middle-class families to enjoy standards of living that would be harder to achieve otherwise.

Immigrants also spend money, in many cases providing jobs to the very people that criticize them.


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