Posted by: Manuel Delgado | August 23, 2008

Spanish-language ads

I wish there were more agencies straying away from the obvious. There seem to be five recurring themes in Hispanic advertising:

  1. Mom, kids an the abuela in the kitchen.
  2. Variations on the “deserve” theme: “Becuase your familia deserves the best…” or “you work hard for oyur family, so you deserve…”
  3. “Slice of life” situations that seem very stiff… in a way just reading the brief: “Maria, where did you get that blouse?” “Oh, I got it at the summer sale of So-and-So store, where they have amazing prices and great selection…”
  4. LOUD fast speaking announcer “LAST DAYS, NO INTEREST, NO PAYMENTSSSSSS!”
  5. Sex. Just put up a scantily clad hoochie and add product at the end.

That been said, I do like watching ads on category 5. No particular marketing reason, but I disgress.

The challenge is to make advertising that is effective, relevant and that it’s truly different from the rest.

It’s to approach the objectives of the client with a well thought out creative approach, that is deeply roted in insights and strategy, not defined by stereotypes and tried-and-true ways of the past.


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