Posted by: Manuel Delgado | August 17, 2009

SXSW Latin Panels

Last year was my first time going to South by Southwest Interactive, in Austin.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the conference, I was disappointed that there was just one panel related to the Hispanic market. So, I threw my name in the hat as a potential presenter for the 2010 conference.

I was very glad to see that there are several proposed panels about the Latino Internet user. The best part: attendees can decide which panels make it to the conference.

Below the sessions related to the Hispanic market. Vote early and vote often!

(You’ll need to register to vote)

Hispanic Social Media, a panel organized by yours truly

For Spanish Press 1: An overview of the online Hispanic market by Fernando Rodriguez (Terra)

The Wise Latina Digital Club: Meet some of the top Latina political and social commentators online

Austin: Latino Internet Capital of the World: by Paul Saucido (La Banda Elastica)

Here come all the Latino bloggers: Learn about what is happening online and offline in Latin America, by Kara Andrade (HablaHonduras)



  1. Hi, please make sure to check out – a social media conference by and for Latinos.

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