Posted by: Manuel Delgado | September 18, 2009

9 myths, 1 reality

There was a very interesting article about “The 10 Myths of Social Media” on the Entrepreneur blog a few days ago.

While the article was spot on in identifying most of the myths, I had to disagree with Myth 5:

Myth No. 5: Focus on ethnic/gender/lifestyle marketing. The cross-group differences are often “mean”ingless. No one is at the mean; all the action is in the variability of the group. Do not chase (mean)ingless differences.

Ethnic and lifestyle marketing is mainly about narrower targeting, a key (and statistically significant) predictor of marketing effectiveness.
While it is very true that “no one is at the mean,” with well executed ethnic marketing programs (or better yet, “multicultural” programs) your commonalities are stronger, and the concentration around the “mean” is denser.
In other words, your bell curve is skinnier.
We’ve seen it for our clients, with Hispanic marketing constantly outperforming the more generic non-Hispanic efforts.
Better targeting drives relevancy and increases ROI. And this applies to social and “old” (antisocial?) media.

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