Posted by: Manuel Delgado | October 20, 2009

Hispanic TV Ratings – Oct 5 – Oct 11 2009

The ratings were a bit in turmoil this week. On Monday was the finale of “Mañana es para Siempre” (Tomorrow is Forever), and almost one in three Hispanic households tuned in for that.

Fans of “MEPS” (which is how they referred to the novela in online forums) seemed to be satisfied with the last episode.

Predictably, it had a very happy ending. As a viewer wrote in an online forum:

“In the telenovelas everything starts badly for most of the characters, but at the end they all end up healthy, rich, married with without any problems. And here we are, living in reality with so many financial problems. So different from the novelas!”

The end of the telenovela propelled the Cristina show to the 3rd spot, since she invited the stars of “Mañana” to appear in her program the day after the finale.

The new Univision soup opera, Sortilegio, had a very strong first week. The premiere was the second most watched show, and it remained in the top 10 through the rest of the week. Sortilegio is Spanish for “spell.”

Sortilegio, produced by Televisa, is a remake of “Tú o Nadie” (You or no one) a soup opera also produced by Televisa in the mid 80s. The plot follows the universal formula: “a man and a woman that love each other, but can’t be together”:

Antonio, a successful entrepreneur, and Victoria, a writer, fall deeply in love. The problem is that Victoria is the wife of Antonio’s best friend, Samuel . Soon, Victoria finds herself with child. When Victoria tells Samuel that she is pregnant he gets furious, he knows he is not the father because he can’t have children…

Finally, the second most watched soup, En Nombre del Amor (In the name of love) rounded up the top ten.


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