Posted by: Manuel Delgado | November 17, 2010

“General Market” is the old mainstream

Hot chocolate

Every so often, we see a push from general market agencies and marketing consultants to try to get a piece of the Hispanic marketing space.

Examples are many: from the short lived “B2H” practice at the Zyman Group, to the most recent launch of Ogilvy’s “cross-cultural” practice.

From a business point of view I completely understand. General market agencies no only see the fast growth of the multi-cultural space, but also see the increased effectiveness of marketing initiatives centered in the specific diversity of each “multiculture”.

You could argue that their forays into “multicultural” are part of their battle for relevancy and long term survival.

However, this approach defeats the purpose: the effectiveness of multicultural initiatives is grounded in the targeted nature of the approach.

“Adding” multicultural to a general marketing agency means that approaches will be shared across market segments. This, of course, reduces the messages to the lowest common denominator.

This approach, as the COO of Bromley said in a recent blog post, “waters down communication in order to be everything to everybody and waters down the results.”

The value of a Hispanic agency is as relevant and solid as it has always been. We help clients by offering deep insights and relevant execution.

Far from watered down, this approach is  as rich and dense as hot chocolate made by your abuela.

And when you look at the revenues from our clients, as delicious.


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