Posted by: Manuel Delgado | October 24, 2011

Museum to Capture Latino Experience in the US

Museum to Capture Latino Experience in U.S



  1. What would you consider a museum that “captures the latino experience”? I’m wondering how accounts of that would vary.

  2. Very good question. The goal of the Museum will be to tell our story, and to not only shine a light on the contributions that Latinos have made to the country, but to show how we have shaped the US until know, and will continue to shape in the future.

    This is from the executive summary of the final report to Congress:

    “Latinos are an integral part of the history and culture of the United States. The American Latino story has been evolving for more than 500 years. Nevertheless, some Americans, including American Latinos, know little of our country’s rich latino heritage. Written and oral narratives have not become part of the collective memory of our country. These stories have been untold, under told, or altogether forgotten.

    All people of the United States contribute to the American identity. The telling of the latino story in America recognizes a culture that represents a vital national asset. It is also an opportunity for a more complete telling of the complex American story.

    The Commission established to study the potential creation of an American Latino museum chose as a mission statement — To Illuminate the American Story for the Benefit of All. The statement acknowledges that an American Latino museum in our nation’s capital would serve not only the Latino public, but also the larger American public and international visitors, helping them to better understand and appreciate the compelling American narrative.

    The American values of faith, family, hope, patriotism, persistence, resilience, community, civic participation, and work ethic strongly resonate within the American Latino story.”

    The full report can be found at

    It’s long, but it’s an inspiring and exciting read (at least to museum-geeks as myself :-) ).

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