Posted by: Manuel Delgado | October 24, 2011

Museum to Capture Latino Experience in the US

Museum to Capture Latino Experience in U.S

Posted by: Manuel Delgado | October 4, 2011

Venezuelan named Provost of MIT

Dr. Rafael Reif, from Venezuela, was named provost of MIT. Reif migrated to the US in the mid 70s to pursue graduate studies.

He’s one of those Latinos that made his way to the top through hard work and God-given talent.

I’m incredibly proud as a Venezuelan, as Hispanic and, of course, as a Latin-geek.

You can read the MIT announcement and Dr. Reif’s bio.

The white population in the US grew by 6% in the last Census. This seems to contradict what everybody is saying about the increased diversity of the country… until you realize that old race-based categorizations break down when it comes to the Hispanic market.

Because, you see, more than half of all Hispanics consider themselves white. So the growth of the Hispanic population is fueling the growth of “whites.”

To add to the excitement (or the confusion, depending on how you feel), more Hispanics are claiming “native American” ancestry. Between 2000 and 2010, the number of Native-American Hispanics grew by almost 70%.

The bottom line: old racial categories are no longer valid to successfully capitalize the new multicultural opportunities.



Posted by: Manuel Delgado | July 15, 2011

Bebe Boom: Births Overtake Immigration as main source of growth

Until the year 2000, the number of new Mexican-American immigrants either  matched or exceeded the number of US births.

However, between 2000 and 2010 the Mexican-American population grew by 7.2 million as a result of births and by 4.2 million as a result of new immigrant arrivals.

This represents a significant change in the US population dynamic. Second generation Hispanics grow up in a bi-cultural world, loving equally football and soccer, queso fresco and Velveeta, Barney and El Chapulin Colorado.

As this population becomes mainstream, “dash” Americans will become the main challenge (and source of revenue) for all marketing organizations.

You can read the full report at the Pew Center’s website.

Posted by: Manuel Delgado | June 30, 2011

Lost in the Jungle

The recommendation engine knows me fairly well.  And it thinks I should buy the Koran.

I’ve been their customer for almost 15 years,  and the books they try to sell me genuinely reflect my passions: Spanish-language literature, personal essays, travel, business and marketing, children books and books related to World’s Fairs.

However, a few days ago I visited the website and, out of curiosity, I checked their recommendations for books in Spanish. Most of them were mostly on target, but I was surprised when the site recommended I should buy the Koran.

This was a head scratcher.  I usually try to guess why Amazon recommends a book, and there is usually a pretty straightforward connection with past purchases. However, I couldn’t remember ever buying books about Islam or the Middle East.

Stumped, I clicked to see what I had bought that made them think I would be interested in the Koran.The answer was very interesting, not at all what I had expected, and even a tad disturbing:

Is their recommendation engine is broken in Spanish, or have they found a strange correlation in Spanish that’s not present in English?

I’m inclined to believe the former, but in the jungle you never know…

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